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Bibliotheca Academica Translationum



The Bibliotheca Academica Translationum is an international project, directed by Dr Oswyn Murray and Dr Chryssanthi Avlami; its aim is to study the transmission of knowledge between European scholarly communities and its diffusion in national cultures through the medium of translations of works of scholarship made during the period 1701-1917. The project covers classical scholarship (literature, history, archaeology, art, ancient philosophy); arrangements exist for work in Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain and Switzerland: we hope to extend to other countries as leaders of research teams are identified.


The project began in 1997, and was funded by Oxford University, the Arts and Humanities Research Board (Britain) and the European Commission. In Europe the project had the support of the Centre Louis Gernet (EHESS, Paris), the Russian Academy of Sciences and the universities of Basel, Brussels, Madrid, Pécs, Pisa and Thessaloniki. The project has been awarded a major Googlebooks research grant for the academic years 2010/11 and 2011/12.


The general aims are, firstly to produce an Index based on a computerised union catalogue of all known translations of classical scholarship into the major European languages during the period 1701-1917; this database is now available for consultation at bat.ehess.fr, where it is currently being revised in order to include direct links to Googlebooks and other online sources of scanned material. Secondly our aim is to use this database to produce an account of changes in the transmission of knowledge in this period; conferences have so far been held in Madrid and Rome, and the publication of their proceedings are listed on the BAT site.


Oxford was chosen as the centre for the project, because of its library facilities in the Bodleian Library, the Sackler Library, the Voltaire Foundation and the Taylorian Library. The initial basis of the project involved the interrelations between three countries, Britain, France and Germany; relations between Britain and France are especially important in the 18th century, while in the 19th century Germany became the dominant intellectual force in European scholarship. Subsequent phases have involved collecting material from Spain, Russia, Italy and Eastern Europe.


The initial collection of data involves bibliographical research in relevant major national libraries in order to locate all known academic translations, and physical or on-line inspection of the material in order to complete the information not available from library catalogues. Close collaboration is required between the different groups in order to obtain information about the originals being translated and their intellectual context. A comparative approach, involving study of the varied effects in different countries, is also an essential part of the project.


Founder and first director          Dr Oswyn Murray, Balliol College


Director                                           Dr Chryssanthi Avlami


Oxford co-ordinator                     Dr. Alfonso Moreno, Magdalen College


Current Research Team               Dr Vanessa Cazzato, Somerville (Googlebooks research fellow)

                                                          Dr Caspar Meyer, Birkbeck

                                                          Nikos Kokkomelis, EHESS Paris


Former Oxford members of the team


                                                          Dr Susanne Stark

                                                          Dr Hazel Bloss

                                                          Dr Sarah Cohen

Translations of Classical Scholarship 1701-1917